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what is hydroseeding?
  • Wait 24 hours post-hydroseed application before watering.

  • Adjust watering frequency based on soil type, weather, and temperature.

  • Maintain constant moisture near the seed and mulch; avoid drying out to prevent seedling death.

  • Watch for signs of overwatering such as saturated soils and pools of water to prevent uneven seed distribution and poor root establishment.

  • Seed germination usually occurs in 5-10 days (up to 14-21 days in cooler temperatures).

  • Optimal germination temperature range: 10—18 °C.

  • Adjust watering practices after 4-6 weeks of mowing for deep root establishment, aiming for ~1 inch of water per week.

  • Green dye in the mulch fades within the first week post-application.


what is hydroseeding?
  • Mow when grass blades reach ~3-4 inches tall, never removing more than 1/3 of the grass height.

  • Use sharp blades and avoid sharp turns that may tear the grass.

  • Bagging clippings isn't necessary, but do not leave clumps on the lawn.

  • Frequent mowing stimulates growth, aiding in quick lawn filling and deterring weeds.


what is hydroseeding?
  • Our hydroseed slurry contains a custom starter fertilizer stimulating seed rooting and seedling growth.

  • Apply nitrogen-rich fertilizer after the first or second mowing (weeks 4-6) and continue with a maintenance program once the lawn establishes.

  • Apply granular fertilizer when the grass is dry to avoid burning and then water thoroughly.


what is hydroseeding?
  • Avoid herbicide application for the first 3 months to prevent harm to seedlings.

  • Limit foot traffic, especially pet traffic, for the first 2-3 months to ensure healthy growth.

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