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Increase your curb appeal.

Evergreen crafts vibrant outdoor spaces that property owners can take pride in calling their own. Specializing in comprehensive lawn care services, ranging from fertilization and weed control to integrated pest management and hydroseeding, we tailor our programs to suit the unique needs of every lawn, while ensuring customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability.


what is hydroseeding?

Imagine a lush, vibrant lawn that enhances your curb appeal, welcomes people with open arms, and adds undeniable value to your property. Our tailored lawn care solutions are just one aspect of our property maintenance services, designed to create the green paradise you've always dreamed of. For example, with hydroseeding, you can say goodbye to patchy grass, pesky weeds, and bare spots.

If weeds are cramping your style, our Weed Control program ensures a weed-free expanse that lets your greenery flourish. Worried about pests? Our pest control measures safeguard your property so it stays critter-free. Whatever your lawn needs, Evergreen guarantees a stunning outdoor space. We're vegetation management experts, no tree or plant species is invasive enough for our team! Get in touch with us today, and let's turn your lawn dreams into reality.

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We're at your service. Let's discuss your lawn care needs!


what is hydroseeding?

Nurtrient Enrichment

Evergreen uses a slow-release fertilizer, thoughtfully blended to nurture your turf with environmentally conscious practices. Experience results reminiscent of a pristine golf course while contributing to a sustainable approach to lawn care.


Lawn Growth

Evergreen  nurtures your lawn sustainably with high-quality grass seed through our Overseeding initiative. Let us replenish bare or damaged areas, promoting biodiversity and contributing to a greener environment.

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Power Raking

Evergreen promotes healthy plant growth sustainably through Power Raking. Our eco-friendly approach stimulates growth, ensuring a lush lawn while aligning with responsible environmental practices.


Weed Control

Safeguard your green investment with our Eco-Friendly Weed Management program. Customized to eliminate broadleaf weeds without compromising the environment, it's a step towards maintaining a lush and sustainable landscape.


Grub Management

Partner with Evergreen for Grub Prevention & Control, a service that not only safeguards your lawn but also contributes to environmental balance. Prevent, control, and eliminate White Grubs responsibly with our sustainable approach.


Soil Revitalization

Experience organic rejuvenation with a blend of topsoil  and micro-nutrients  designed to deliver beneficial elements to your lawn's soil, fostering sustainability and contributing to a thriving ecosystem.


Insect Control

Prioritize the health of your lawn and the environment with our Supervised Insect Control program. Thoughtfully designed by Evergreen, it reduces infestations without harming the ecosystem, ensuring a thriving and sustainable outdoor space.


Moss Management

Moss Control by Evergreen respects the harmony of lawns and nature. Address moss in moist or shady areas sustainably, in compacted soil, or soil with low pH levels, ensuring a lush, eco-friendly landscape.



Elevate your lawn with our mowing service. Our skilled team employs eco-friendly techniques for a neatly trimmed, vibrant lawn that enhances curb appeal while respecting the environment. Choose responsible lawn care with Evergreen.


Root Revival

Embrace a sustainable lawn care approach with aeration by Evergreen. Reduce thatch and promote root health by allowing essential water, air, and nutrients to reach key areas, fostering a resilient and eco-friendly landscape.


PH Balancing

Discover the role of Liming in safeguarding your lawn's health while adopting sustainable practices. Evergreen offers a solution to counteract soil acidity, ensuring nutrients take a form beneficial for both plants and the environment.




Elevate your landscape sustainably with Evergreen's Sodding service. Our eco-friendly approach ensures a vibrant, newly sodded lawn that enhances your property while embracing responsible practices. Opt for Evergreen for a greener, more sustainable transformation.


what is hydroseeding?

You came to the right place. Below we address some common questions about hydroseeding and our lawn care services. Whether you're a resident in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, or any other beautiful location in British Columbia, we've got your environmental needs covered.

What is hydroseeding, and how does it work?
Hydroseeding is a process that involves spraying a mixture of water, grass seed, fertilizer, and other additives onto a prepared soil surface. This creates an ideal environment for rapid grass growth. Our hydroseeding services are available throughout the Greater Vancouver area, including Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey.

How long does it take for grass seed to grow after hydroseeding?
The germination period varies, but generally, you can expect to see visible results within 7-14 days after hydroseeding. Factors like weather conditions and grass seed type can influence the timeline.

Is hydroseeding suitable for my lawn?
Yes, hydroseeding is an excellent option for new lawns, erosion control, and overseeding existing lawns. We offer hydroseeding services tailored to your specific needs, we cover the lower mainland, and have hydroseeding in Delta, New Westminster, and as far out as Squamish.

What is the best time to plant grass seed in Canada, especially in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley regions?
The ideal time for grass seed planting in British Columbia is late summer to early fall when the soil is warm, and there is ample sunlight. This applies to most local regions like Langley, Abbotsford, and North Vancouver.

How long does it take for grass seeds to germinate?
Germination time varies, but generally, you can expect grass seeds to germinate within 7-21 days under optimal conditions. Factors such as temperature, moisture, and grass seed type play a role.

What are the advantages of hydroseeding over traditional sodding?
Hydroseeding offers cost-effective and efficient coverage, erosion control, and superior seed-to-soil contact. It's an excellent alternative to sodding, especially in regions like West Vancouver, White Rock, and Chilliwack.

Can hydroseed go without water, and for how long?
Hydroseed requires consistent moisture for successful germination. It is crucial to water the area regularly, especially during the first few weeks. Hydroseed can't go without water for extended periods, and it's essential to establish a proper watering routine. Learn more about hydroseeding maintenance. Also, don't forget to check out our water management service.

Where can I find hydroseeding services near me?
Our hydroseeding services are available throughout the lower mainland and greater Vancouver areas, from Hope to Surrey, to North Vancouver, and as far as Squamish and Kelowna.. Contact us for a quote tailored to your lawn care needs.

Hydroseeding offers a revolutionary approach to achieving a lush, green lawn. Whether you're in the early stages of establishing a new lawn or looking to revitalize an existing one, our expert services cater to your specific needs. Feel free to explore our website or contact us for more information on our hydroseeding and lawn care services.


The Green Revolution:
Hydroseeding, Lawn Care, and Beyond

what is hydroseeding?

In the verdant world of lawn care, achieving a lush, green expanse is the pinnacle of success for homeowners and gardening enthusiasts alike. Among the myriad of techniques employed, hydroseeding has emerged as a revolutionary method, offering a bevy of benefits from rapid germination to uniform growth. This article delves into the essence of hydroseeding, while weaving through the tapestry of lawn care tips, seed germination times, and the best practices for installing sod, ultimately guiding you on the path to achieving the perfect lawn.

The Hydroseeding Edge

Hydroseeding, or hydro grass seeding, is a process that combines seed, mulch, fertilizer, and water in a hydroseeder tank, then sprays this mixture over prepared soil. Its popularity has surged not only due to its efficiency in seed sprouting but also for its effectiveness in areas prone to erosion, making it a preferred choice for both residential lawns and commercial landscapes. With the ability to cover large areas rapidly, hydroseeding offers a cost-effective solution, especially when compared to traditional sod installation.

Grass Seed Germination: A Timely Insight

One of the most frequent questions surrounding lawn care is, "How long does it take for grass seed to germinate?" The answer varies depending on the type of grass seed used and environmental conditions. Generally, hydroseeded grass starts to sprout within 7 to 14 days. Key factors affecting germination include soil temperature, moisture, and the quality of the seed mix. For those in cooler climates, like Canada, selecting the best grass seed for Canada’s unique conditions is crucial to ensure a robust and vibrant lawn.

Sod Installation: Laying the Green Carpet

For those seeking instant gratification, laying sod offers an immediate solution to bare patches or a brand new lawn. Sod installation, while more labor-intensive and costly than hydroseeding, provides a mature lawn from day one. The best time to lay sod is during mild weather conditions, allowing the sod to establish without the stress of extreme heat or cold. Proper soil preparation, including laying down a nutrient-rich soil bed and ensuring level ground, is essential for the sod to take root effectively.

Lawn Care Tips: Beyond Installation

Achieving a lush lawn doesn't stop at the installation of grass seed or sod. Regular lawn care maintenance is paramount. This includes overseeding existing lawns to ensure density and vibrancy, timely watering, especially crucial for newly seeded areas or sod, and regular mowing with sharp blades to prevent tearing of the grass. Autumn overseeding can prepare your lawn for a lush spring awakening, while employing green lawn sprays can enhance the lawn’s color and health. 

If you're not a DIY enthusiast who enjoys wrestling with kits and recipes, consider a hands-off approach to lawn. Especially when it comes to larger areas or more complex landscaping needs, professional hydroseeding services or professional sod installation might be more practical.

Wrapping Up

Whether you're contemplating the lush immediacy of laying sod or the efficient coverage offered by hydroseeding, the journey to a vibrant lawn is filled with choices. Remember, the secret lies not just in choosing the right method but in the meticulous care that follows. From the correct germination temperatures to understanding the best time to plant lawn seed in Canada, every detail contributes to the tapestry of your lawn. With patience, care, and a bit of green-thumbed magic, your lawn can become a testament to the joys of gardening and the beauty of the outdoors.

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We're at your service. Let's discuss your lawn care needs!


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Evergreen has a vast amount of experience and expertise from years of practical work in the field.  We're equipped with versatile and adaptive equipment specifically engineered for accessing remote sections of linear utility corridors, rural and urban highway rights of way, and private lands. We use industry leading products and techniques to guarantee high quality results.


All of our field workers are professional applicators with expert training and  certifications. As a company we take safety seriously. We're OHSA compliant, fully insured, and follow all federal and provincial laws and regulations. Not only will we get the job done right, we'll get it done safely.

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