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It's cost-effecive and sustainable, ideal for erosion and sediment control, and an effective method to grow lawns and fields, enrich soil, protect stockpiles, and stabilize slopes.


Erosion Control and Sustainable Landscaping

What is hydroseeding?

You can prevent erosion and sediment run-off, or create lush and sustainable landscapes with Evergreen's hydroseeding service. Is it the right approach for your next project? 

As businesses across British Columbia, Canada turn to eco-friendly solutions for landscaping and erosion control, hydroseeding emerges as a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice. Hydroseeding, a process that involves spraying a slurry of seed, fertilizer, and mulch over a designated area, has gained popularity for its efficacy and versatility--it's ideal for retaining stockpiles, stabilizing slopes, and revitalizing soil. We've experienced and explored the benefits of hydroseeding over the years, so we can shed light on its application and effectiveness in the natural habitats of the Pacific Northwest.

Contractors often overlook the importance of a proper erosion control plan from the start, only to realize that their sediment control budget tripled after the fact. That's because you can't do effective sediment control without preventing erosion, they go hand-in-hand. If done right, your investments into erosion control will pay for its self by reducing your sediment control budget. The best way to mitigate excessive sediment run-off is to prevent it. Evergreen knows how to manage how water flows into, through, and out of your work site.

Hydroseeding Slops
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Hydroseeding large areas

An Overview

What is Hydroseeding?

Erosion and Sediment Control

Hydroseeding stands out as a superior method for erosion and sediment control. The slurry creates a protective layer that mitigates soil erosion, making it particularly beneficial for hilly terrains and construction sites.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydroseeding reduces the need for traditional erosion control methods that involve netting or blankets, minimizing environmental impact. The slurry, comprising seeds, fertilizers, and mulch, fosters sustainable plant growth. It also avoids the need for maintenance and additional clean-up.

Quick Germination: The hydroseeding process accelerates germination, allowing for faster establishment of grass or vegetation compared to traditional seeding methods. This is ideal for soil health and stabilization.


Hydroseeding is a cost-effective alternative to sodding and other techniques, making it an attractive choice for large areas such as lawns, stockpiles, slopes, sports fields, and commercial landscapes. It's an practical way to reduce your material costs.

Easy Maintenance

Adequate watering is crucial for hydroseed success, but that's all it takes. A consistent watering schedule, especially during the initial weeks, promotes fast germination and healthy growth and establishment.

Site Reclamation


What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseed near me?
For businesses seeking hydroseeding services, finding a reliable provider who is familiar with the native habitat is crucial. Evergreen is a local hydroseeding company in British Columbia, offering expertise tailored to the unique environmental conditions in this part of the world. We know the local terrain and which treatments produce the best results. Avoid the trial and error of DIY kits and gimmicks, we'll assess your property and provide a free estimate. 

How Long Does Hydroseed Take to Grow?
The germination timeline varies, typically ranging from one to four weeks. Factors such as climate, soil conditions, and the seed mix used can influence growth rates.

Can You Hydroseed in Winter?
Hydroseeding can be done in the winter, but it's essential to consider the specific climatic conditions of British Columbia. Adequate preparation and follow-up care are crucial for success in colder seasons.

Best Time to Hydroseed in British Columbia?

The ideal time to hydroseed in Canada, including British Columbia, is during the late spring or early fall when temperatures are moderate, and there's ample sunlight. This facilitates optimal seed germination.

Hydroseed vs. Sod?

Comparing hydroseed to sod, hydroseeding emerges as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Sodding requires mature grass, while hydroseeding allows for customized seed mixes suitable for the local climate.

Harnessing Hydroseeding for Sustainable Landscapes. It provides an effective and sustainable solution for businesses in Canada and British Columbia. Whether combating erosion, establishing lush lawns, or contributing to sustainable landscapes, hydroseeding offers versatility and eco-friendly benefits. As businesses contemplate landscaping choices, considering hydroseeding's advantages and best practices ensures the successful establishment of vibrant green spaces. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Erosion and Sediment Control Services
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Choose Evergreen

Evergreen has a vast amount of experience and expertise from years of practical work in the field.  We're equipped with versatile and adaptive equipment specifically engineered for accessing remote sections of linear utility corridors, rural and urban highway rights of way, and private lands. We use industry leading mulch, soil amendments, and seed mixes to guarantee high quality results.


All of our field workers are professional applicators with expert training and  certifications. As a company we take safety seriously. We're OHSA compliant, fully insured, and follow all federal and provincial laws and regulations. Not only will we get the job done right, we'll get it done safely.

Seed is mixed with mulch, fertilizer, amendments, and water. The solution--know as slurry--is then applied to the prepared soil, which ensures the ideal environment for seed germination. 

Hydroseeded Slope


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