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Erosion and Sediment Control Compliance in British Columbia

A Guide for Commercial and Civil Projects

What is ESC, and Why Is It Important? An In-Depth Look

Prevent Erosion

Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) encompasses a comprehensive set of strategies and practices designed to mitigate erosion and prevent sediment runoff at construction, pipeline, and land development sites. The cornerstone of ESC is effectively managing water flow—both surface and runoff—to significantly reduce the erosion potential and control sediment movement. This is achieved through a variety of techniques that either protect soil from erosive forces or trap sediment before it leaves the site.

















Key Components of ESC

Sediment Control

Erosion Control

Primarily focuses on keeping soil in place by protecting it from the forces of water and wind. This includes vegetation covers, erosion control blankets, and mulches, which shield the soil surface, and physical structures like terraces and contouring that change the landscape to reduce water flow velocity.

Sediment Control

Targets the sediment already in motion, aiming to capture and retain it within the project boundaries. Sediment control measures include silt fences, sediment traps, check dams, and sediment basins that intercept and settle out soil particles before they can enter watercourses or stormwater systems.


The minimum requirements for ESC in British Columbia

Prevent sediment run off
  • Developing and implementing an ESC plan before commencing construction.

  • Employing best management practices (BMPs) such as silt fences, sediment ponds, and erosion control blankets.

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of ESC measures throughout the project duration.

  • Ensuring all personnel on site are aware of and trained in ESC practices.

Erosion and sediment control equipment


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The Importance of ESC


Preventing Sediment Runoff to Stormwater Systems

Sediment can clog stormwater drainage systems, leading to reduced capacity, increased maintenance costs, and potential flooding. More critically, sediment runoff carries pollutants from construction sites such as heavy metals, nutrients, and chemicals into water bodies, adversely affecting water quality and aquatic habitats. Implementing ESC practices like sediment basins can effectively capture and allow the settlement of these particles, significantly reducing the risk of pollution.

Stabilizing Slopes and Landscaped Areas

Slope stabilization, commonly achieved with hydroseeding, is vital to prevent landslides and soil erosion, which can endanger both infrastructure and lives. Techniques such as retaining walls, geotextiles, and living walls not only secure slopes but also blend with the natural environment, providing long-term erosion control and enhancing the landscape's aesthetic and ecological value.

Protecting Water Quality

ESC measures play a crucial role in safeguarding water quality by limiting the dispersion of pollutants that adhere to soil particles. Practices like vegetative buffers and filter strips are effective in trapping sediment and absorbing contaminants, thus preventing them from reaching water bodies. This protection is essential for maintaining the health of aquatic ecosystems and ensuring the safety of water resources for recreational and potable uses.

Complying with Environmental Regulations

Non-compliance with ESC regulations can result in significant fines, legal challenges, and project delays. More importantly, it can lead to long-term environmental damage. By adhering to ESC best practices, projects not only meet legal requirements but also demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

Check Dams

Practical ESC Applications & Examples

Stop erosion from occuring

Silt Fences

A temporary barrier made of porous fabric, erected down-slope to intercept and slow water flow, allowing sediment to settle.

Erosion Control Blankets

Biodegradable mats that protect soil on slopes from erosion by rain and wind until vegetation can establish.

Sediment Basins

Large, temporary ponds designed to catch runoff, giving sediment time to settle out before the water is discharged.


Landscaped depressions or channels that slow, collect, and filter runoff, using vegetation to remove pollutants and sediments.


Loose stone placed on slopes or around culverts to prevent soil erosion by dissipating the energy of flowing water.

Silt Femce
  • Custom ESC development plans

  • Installing ESC blankets/mats

  • Installing silt fence

  • Installing sediment logs

  • Hydroseeding to establish vegetation to stabilize slopes

  • Manage sediment run off 

  • Slope stabilization

  • Inspections and maintenance

  • Construction check dams

  • Surface water management

  • Stormwater management

  • Sediment basins

  • Monitoring and reporting

Implementing ESC is not merely a regulatory requirement but a proactive approach to preserving soil integrity, protecting water quality, and ensuring the sustainability of development projects. Through strategic planning and the application of site-specific ESC measures, it's possible to achieve significant environmental benefits while complying with regulations and fostering positive community and ecological outcomes.



In British Columbia, effective Erosion and Sediment Control is a legal requirement and a critical aspect of responsible environmental stewardship. With Evergreen's expertise and strong commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly solutions and Indigenous partnership, companies can achieve compliance, protect the environment, and contribute positively to the communities they operate within.

Whether your project is commercial, large residential, or involves civil work, Evergreen is your partner in achieving ESC compliance and ensuring the longevity and success of your project.

Why You Need Evergreen's Help

Why choose Evergreen?

Evergreen stands at the forefront of ESC expertise, offering unparalleled services to ensure your commercial, large residential, or civil project not only meets but exceeds BC's ESC compliance requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project. Here's how we can assist you:

ESC on sopes

Custom ESC Plan Development

Our first step is to develop a comprehensive ESC plan that aligns with your project's specific needs and complies with all regulatory requirements. This plan will detail the BMPs to be implemented, taking into account factors such as the project size, duration, and the surrounding environment.


Implementation of Sustainable Solutions

At Evergreen, we prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Whether it's through the use of biodegradable erosion control products or innovative techniques that minimize land disturbance, our solutions are designed to protect the environment while ensuring project compliance.


Ongoing Support and Compliance Assurance

From the initial planning stages to post-construction/development, Evergreen provides continuous support to ensure your project remains in compliance. This includes regular inspections, maintenance of erosion and sediment control measures, and updates to the ESC plan as necessary to adapt to changing conditions or regulations.

Partnering with Municipalities and Government Organizations

Our expertise extends beyond commercial projects to encompass civil works and collaborations with cities, municipalities, and government organizations. Evergreen is equipped to handle the unique challenges and stringent compliance requirements of public sector projects.


Commitment to Indigenous Engagement and Opportunities

Evergreen is dedicated to fostering positive relationships with Indigenous communities throughout Canada. Our Indigenous policy is rooted in respect, collaboration, and the creation of mutually beneficial opportunities. We actively engage with Indigenous bands to ensure our work respects and supports their lands and traditions, and we seek to provide employment and training opportunities within these communities.

Lush lawn

Evergreen stands at the forefront of ESC expertise, offering unparalleled services to ensure your commercial, large residential, or civil project not only meets but exceeds BC's ESC compliance requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project. 

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